Happy Black History Month!

Feb 05 , 2022

Happy Black History Month!

Celebrate Black History Month with Spirit Loves Locs


Happy Black History Month!

At Spirit Loves Locs, this month we are proud to be celebrating Black History Month!  Let’s us take this time as an opportunity for celebration, remembrance, reflection, and assessment. Not long ago, owning a business was not in the realm of possibility for those of the black community, and this is not something we take lightly. 


As a proudly black owned and operated business, we celebrate and show our appreciation for the advancements of all the individuals who came before us - the ones who paved the way for us, and other black owned businesses, to be able to sit at the table and share our own thoughts, ideas, products, and services. We remember and revere them for their sacrifices and their commitment to bettering the future for other black individuals, like themselves. We reflect on what our role is to be in continuing to better our community, how we will be an integral part of Black History going forward, and how we can help those that will come after us.


We proudly bring you products that celebrate African American and black culture all year, but want February, specifically, to give you all the allowance to celebrate our culture and history with us each day. Our products serve to honor the true beauty of your locs by being sourced only from the highest end in both ingredients and quality. We think this allows for you to relish in our celebration of Black History Month with us as we know you will be looking fabulous. Continue to honor your ancestors and those of the black community who came before you and opened the numerous doors for you to live the life you do today.


 Stand with Spirit Loves Locs as we continue to not only remember those who came before us, but also serve to create a pivotal path for those of the black community coming after us. We wish you a very happy Black History Month, and look forward to celebrating, remembering, and reflecting with you all month long!  

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