Loc Treatement Program

At Spirit Love Locs, we utilize rose water and aloe vera in our formula to ensure the health and longevity of your hair. Both of these ingredients are shown to hydrate hair fibers while also preventing breakages that are a common occurrence for many loc lovers out there. Rose water in particular is a powerful ingredient that softens hair, reduces dandruff by fighting oil buildup in hair follicles and along the scalp. This leads to a healthier scalp that magnifies the vibrancy and shine due to the increased vitality that penetrates deep within the roots. Pairing these two powerful ingredients with Jojoba Oil is like putting icing on the cake. Jojoba oil is a potent anti-fungal, anti-frizz natural oil that promotes hair growth as well as promoting fullness and repair. Our Hydrating Leave-in Conditioner uses a combination of natural oils and plant extracts to ensure the vibrancy and health for all, and is definitely a product you want to have to keep those locs looking beautiful and lush!