About Us

Spirit Loves Locs is a black-own company that prides itself on keeping the beauty of dreadlocks alive and showing the world how truly magnificent, exquisite, and appealing their presence and the maintenance of them can be. 

Caring for your locs can be time consuming, overwhelming, and at times, annoying. We want you to know that we get that, and with our products, we hope to take most of that away. In each of our conditioners, leave-in conditioner, and sprays we have hand selected the ingredients to make sure that they are healthy for you and your locs, as well as sustainable to the environment. We choose these ingredients for their assurance to provide moisture, nourishment, softening, and healing to your hair and scalp. When you take a look at each of our carefully curated products you will find a list of each of these ingredients, as well as the purpose that they serve within the product (i.e. aloe vera -- nourishment and hydration).  

Not only are we committed to the health and the ease of care of your locs though! We also want to ensure that you are out there looking fine while you rock your locs. To do so, we also are pleased to offer a variety of different colored Loc Sprinkles. Our Loc Sprinkles add a bit of glamour and jazz to your already fabulous look. Make sure to check these out as well!
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