About Us

black woman with dreadlocks
I’m Spirit Sahriel, founder and CEO of Spirit Loves Locs™, and I warmly welcome you to to the Locs Family. This company grew out of my personal loc journey. When I first started my locs in 2016, I was frustrated at the lack of representation and information on loc care. It was already hard for me to feel confident with my coils and then I didn’t have any help on what to do with my hair! (Talk about frustrating) Even more, there were no products that I trusted in the stores. However, there was one thing I knew: I wanted happy, healthy, locs that I loved.
So, I started on my healthy locs mission. Because I have been caring from my hair since 12 years old, through perms, weaves and loose natural, I was excited to learn about what my hair would need while locked. In 2016 I started making my own rosewater and aloe vera spray that met my hair requirements of being lightweight, refreshing and able to be used as much as I wanted. It’s important that locs be hydrated on a regular basis to prevent breakage and dryness, and equally important that the product does not cause build-up. I am glad that this spray has been my hair savior for the last 3 years and I am even happier to offer it to the world.
Spirit Loves Locs is a company and community based on lifting each other up on our personal journeys. We laugh, dance, learn, grow and glow together and this hair company is inspired by the natural beauty unique to us all. Feel free to drop a line anytime.
Thanks for Being Here,
Spirit Shariel