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Stop breakage and dryness in its tracks. Our lightweight leave-in conditioner can be used on a daily basis to refresh hair, prep it for styling or serve as a replacement for traditional conditioners. It is also great to protect color-treated hair.

Whether you suffer from dry Locs, breakage, dullness or are simply looking for the best way to keep your Locs moisturized on a regular basis the Spirit Loves Locs™ Rosewater is your answer. Our aloe and rosewater formula promotes moisture and shine. Finally, a product specifically designed for your crown.

Bundle includes 2 full-size leave-in conditioners and 1 travel size.


Rosewater (hair hydration), Aloe Vera (nourishment and hydration), Jojoba Oil (scalp healing and moisturizing), Vitamin E Oil (nourishment and softening), Marshmallow Root (conditioning), Essential Oils (scent), Less than .25% of bottle Xanthan (plant based thickner), Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C (preservative)  Citric Acid (stabilizer)

Our Rose Water Leave-In Conditioner is a lightweight mist that can be used as a detangling spray, or leave-in conditioner. Infused with jojoba oil, our hydrating formula moisturizes the driest of locs. Made with premium all-natural ingredients and formulated without silicones, parabens and sulfates; our conditioner promotes moisture & shine while preventing breakage and protecting color. Take out the guesswork regarding what ingredients may or may not be safe for our hair as you use it on an everyday basis.

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Weight 21 oz
Dimensions 24 × 28 × 3 in